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The Forum Boarium is home to two small temples which are among the best preserved religious structures from Rome’s republican era (between 509 and 44BC). The smaller, round building is the Temple of Hercules,

Temple of Hercules Victor, Forum Boarium, Rome

Temple of Hercules Victor

built at the end of the 2nd century BC by a greek architect, Hermodorus of Salamis.

The shape totally fascinates me. Someday I’ll visit.   To try and experience the space I turned to my simulator on Reactiongrid, found the dimensions on wikipedia and played around recreating it using an earthship construction. It doesn’t feel just right as the avatar (Pausanius) is about 7 feet tall. I’ll keep working on it serendipitously.


I find the Temple entirely refreshing compared to the rectangular shapes of so many structures.  It’s not practical. The use of space and light are provocative  What was the interior like? How did it feel to walk into the temple and pay homage to the god? Why were these shapes chosen and what is their connection? As a house designer and builder, and as a set and lighting designer I am curious about this.  This space evokes the sentiment of nature, something long obscured by rectangles. A platform like OpenSim gives me the visceral opportunity to design, construct, inhabit and connect my experience.


In the Light of Hercules


The full moon suprised me


walking my dog, it had just come up.  But why ‘Hercules’? Why ‘Pausanius’? I went back to the interior of the temple.  It feels so feminine to me.  Its not the rectangular chamber of a cave like the brother temple, at the Forum Boarium and its temple to Portunes


The Temple to Portunes a the Forum Boarium. Ah, it feels much better with windows.


Apparently the original statue? About the same size as the avatar–7′.


Stepping outside, Pausanius’ spine glows as it stands on edge. This feels like the forest to me, not as old as the cave. Yearning for the wanderer ways. Remembering the pines that were the cathedral.