Aggregation in the New Literacy

I still feel illiterate with these 21st Century Learning Skills.  Or should we call them the ‘new literacy’?  I find them hardly defined except in somewhat vague terms.  Unless you know of additional links to help me–please share.  Someone shared my feeling of illiteracy but not the euphoria of learning a new literacy. This article in TechLearning has an intelligent discussion and some excellent links.   But what I want to talk about is the effect of tackling a new, strange and different literacy.  It is similar to learning a new language, I guess.  Applying the various applications of my Web 2.0 architectonic has led to unexpected discoveries.  The language is our emerging global one– which I didn’t really know existed until I tried to learn it.   So even in ‘broken gaian’ I’m stumbling around making apparently random collisions with people from all over the globe. I say apparently because it feels random, even in my earnest searches on Google.  Of course it is not random–by any means.  Our purpose-fullness proceeds us, even in chaos.  This is the ever new quest for a ‘group’ that expresses our interests.  So we add and create groups seeking that description we wish to join. is my latest discovery–where you can create your own social network–how cool is that?  And yet even in a comment on a comment to a ‘friend’ I hardly know, sparks changes in my thinking and experience of this ‘new literacy’–changes that continually surprises me.   Are these ’emergent’ ideas? Consciousness is clearly emergence. How many years did I swirl around in my little world devoid of collaboration from new and challenging exchanges?  It may be that these interactions are aggregating within my consciousness.  Or that these tiny comments and ideas are aggregating in ever expanding spheres of influence.  I don’t really feel that explicitly, but Iintuit it. And this is very exciting.   Certainly I am experiencing the world differently now than prior to attempting to learn these new skills.  The rate of change has accelerated. Something which is slowly dawning on me is that there is a different epistemology at work. This reflects back upon the title of my blog–‘ontogenetica’. The sense of being is not one of ‘the observer.’ Quantum models come to mind. Could the earth be existing through me? My ‘knowing’ is participatory.  I guess I need to go back to Teilhard de Chardin and try to figure out, in the mean time, this twitter thing.