How the Humanities could contribute to Carbon reduction

All of the disciplines need to be engaged in raising our awareness of our contribution to carbon emissions.  Each has a responsibility and vehicle for raising our awareness.  I have to be radical and say each has the responsibility to. Urgently.  Refocus your curriculum to make it relevant to the crisis. The students are eager to be involved, to make it relevant. They tell me when they have the option they write about climate change, re-newables, global warming.  But they need our guidance desperately. But when we talk about their future–our future–their eyes glaze over.  It is so overwhelming.  Our entire life style has to transform.  The things we take for granted are at risk. For the freshman there will be no polar ice when they graduate in 2012.  One student asked me what I thought of 2012.  I discussed the singularity.  What does it mean?  How is it relevant to theater or technical theater? 

It slays me that we rehash the same old plays and stories from our past when the future is in dire need of creation.  As a generation it is beholden upon us to write the epics of tomorrow. And the amazing thing is that we have the tools–the collective mind–web 2.0.  Sure, an electromagnetic pulse could put us back into the stone age. But while we still have electricity, connectivity, our tiny little synapses are busy twittering away collaborating in the effort to reach emergence of the holy kind. Dang its hard, especially when no one replies.  But I reply, and you, after all, are reading this.  I see it happening everywhere.  Open source, open code–sharers.  That’s the hope. Now bring it back to the humanities.  Our collective digital stories, snipets of life on earth as we know it, as we are just now discovering its preciousness, it irreplaceableness. Some of academia is on board, you bloggers and early adapters. Business is starting to get on board, smelling profits.  And then there is Muhammad Yunus. It seems each step is conceived just as we need it if we could perceive it.  How do you fund a transition at scale?  Social business!  Wow!

Start the epic, be the hero of Al Gore’s admonishment. The ground is swelling and the hoarders will be swallowed.  It starts with tiny steps in every classroom.  I have total faith in the youth, their energy and resolve.