A New Year: Musings on Media

The act of blogging is so vastly different from the personal Journal I have kept. Being read, accessible, revealed was not part of that writing experience.  I never expected to be published.  And so for generations only a few writers emerged into the public landscape by luck, persistence, genius, market forces, accessibility to resources, etc.  So with the evolution of media suddenly millions of our voices are emerging.  The blogging has changed me.  It has brought me to a new and swiftly evolving universe.  I read, see, experience other people’s “Journals” with that same sense of intimacy and mystery.  And these feeling evolve as you get to know the various blogs.  My pedagogy is quickly evolving in the face of this evolution of media.  I’m moving my entire program learning outcomes and competencies into a model based on an eportfolio for life long learning, assessment and development.  Many thanks to Dr. Helen Barrett whose comprehensive and clear exegesis of the subject continues to help my professional development on the topic, and its implementation. But it has been the idea of emergence –soaking through my consciousness, re-evaluating, re-imagining my past experiences–that is driving my being.  Isn’t consciousness a form of emergence? Synapses combining in unexpected ways leading to new insights, that transcends previous understanding.   If I reflect upon years of performance production, emergence occurs when the design, production and performance teams collaborate to produce a show that easily exceeds the sum of the whole.  That moment of transcendence during, for example The Zero Gravity Sky Dancers, when the elements of light, music, motion and form combine.  Just as we are moving towards a more egalitarian contribution to awareness, to knowledge bases–emergence trumps the cult of personality.  This has been one of the most difficult aspects of working in the arts, egoism.  I have touched upon the idea of extraordinary talent, or the Hero, in a previous post.  I purposely use this mythopoeic description.  Since myth now has the connotation of  ‘false,’ the emerging envisioning and aggregating of ideas and elements occurring through web 2.0, is reawakening our myth making nature. — I’m struggling to get this thought out. — So the definition of knowledge is impacted. It is more than the union of the knower with the known.  Our participation in the emergent process includes chaos and the unknown.