Response to Microfinance and Global Philanthropy: The New Realities

Microfinance & Global Philanthropy: The New Realities

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Hi Jerry, Great concept paper. I found myself getting very excited as I read it because it focuses a feeling I have about the paradigm shift occurring. I see concurrent trends in education, local food movement, the nascent and not well defined so-called eco-tourism movement–, and renewables. It seems like a web 2.0 ground swell that is focusing on small and local is beautiful. A gentleman I am acquainted with–Dr. Jose Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio from the Dominican Republic has an interesting proposal in the energy sector called: EWPC–electricity without price control (not unregulated) but shifts the power infrastructure from one of centralized monopolies and megalithic companies to a diversified assemblage of micro grids. His blog:
It is no coincidence that the MArtin Luther King movement has refocused its initiative to the Dream Reborn of Green Empowerment.
It is here in these grass roots initiatives that we see a return of power to the people–literally, renewable power, as the key to economic transformation and sustainability.
As an educator I have been swept up in the excitement and transformative power of web 2.0 which is turning traditional institutions of higher-ed on their heads with sweeping access to knowledge, equitable access; such as Harvard and MIT’s OpenCourseWare–
challenging epistemology and the monopolies of knowledge and power that have been in place since the middle ages.…
And so I feel your vision of the shift to Emerging Human Capital is parallel to these changes, along with the possibilities of financing and investment. I feel these are cataclysmic shifts accompanying our transition from fossil fuel thinking and its dinosaurian Goliath’s like the Big 3 automakers, to the truly democratic and diverse focus on local biomes.
How about the air car being developed in France:
But I would add not only developing countries to your list of emerging markets–but right here in the west.–right here in my back yard. We must transform our economies away from a suburban model of consumptive debt to a community based one of local control over local resources–human as well as environmental. This step to a creative knowledge economy offers the best solution to our present economic crisis–and points the way to what real ‘geotourism’ can offer to every community.
Hmmm, so I’m not sure if I gave you any substantive feedback, other to say YES, develop the idea and give investors the opportunity to create real wealth that is lateral–get rid of the pyramid altogether!