More about Ontogenetica

The ceation of being. Not in a heavy sense. Not burdoned by being, but the incredible lightness of being. And this is offered in a ‘hyper-techontic’ fashion, energized by the quickly evovling web and technology. But this is not a constructivist theory. Being, resonating emergence, is a spontaneous ever changing phenomenon which we participate in with various degrees of awareness. So you could say awareness of being accompanies creation. Its clear that in order to deeper understand the roots of creativity and innovation one must be in tune with the spiritual dimension. But as I try to understand this evolving state of communication, of fascilitating, of evolution there has to be an organic, ecological way to integrate this with the other dimensions of the new pedagogy. The thing is, its happening at break neck–quantum speed before our very eyes.  I’m trying to comprehend what I see fantastically.

The medium is the message. Thinking about this in the context of my curent exploration of web 2.0 and the emerging pedagogy–the ecological neccessity makes perfect sense. Everyone is keen on naming the age–I’d venture “The Age of Ecologies.” As if we have suddenly been made aware of systems in nature and society.  Media ecology has a neccessity that is dawning on me.  Simultaneous with the swiftness of global climate change, the swiftness of evolving forms of media and communication–and our comprehension of them. Peaks and valleys in a temporal landscape (the earth) situated within the cosmos.

But there is more here, tons of  lightness. I have to go back to the recent conference on Education in the New Environmental Economy–see my previous post–reflecting upon the conference speakers, the passion and urgency that I seemed unaware of while attending, now is crytalizing. There is a rising sense in the media and the blogsphere of the inescapable truth that good ecology means good economy.  Isn’t this the ultimate expression of the idea of environmental economics–ie., the opposite of what it serves to remind us–that all activity has an effect throughout multiple environments and wealth emerges from the ecological economy of motion?  So I’d have to say that an economics (as presumably past ‘fossil fuel’ thinking is) that is unaware of the environmental costs is not a very accurate model and has had a devastating effect upon the earth.  So the urgency is twofold and upon us as the ultimate survival game: can we bring about a paradigm shift and transform our societies into ones of ecological economies before the planet is destroyed, or much of it? And this: can we evolve our consciousness and behaviour fast enough to precipitate a paradigm shift?

This is an ontological dilemma. Our very being depends upon our success of recreating our being with an ecological awareness. I thoroughly believe we have the means and ability to achieve this.  We are developing the tools to collaborate and solve this problem as a species through the World Wide Web.  My very important act of writing this blog serves to build the synapses as millions of others contribute.  I find the timing auspicious, contemporaneous, synergistic.