Dibden 3D Ground Plan rezzed today

Dibden 3D Ground Plan rezzed today
Pausanius Raymaker announced today the ground breaking construction of Dibden 3D, here in Lamoille County, Vt. #npvt. Dibden3D is envisioned as a step into the semantic and 3D web for the Performing Arts Center and the Transformed Learning Community housed there. A very generous donor, who prefered to stay anonymouns, endowed the project, Raymaker reported. Construction began immediately and grand opening ceremonies are in the planning stages. A wide variety of programming and an enormous amount of other opportunties can be found in the virtual world, according to Raymaker.


Information, Communication and Technology for Emergence (ICT4E)– An Immersive Learning Community Blended with Virtual Worlds and Web 2.0

There is an urgent need to transform our educational ecosystems and address the rapid transformations occurring in our world, especially the crisis confronting our survival. Are these needs linked and can we address them together? Educators around the globe are discovering and embracing virtual worlds, such as Second Life, for immersing their students and reinvigorating their pedagogy with 21st Century Literacy’s and Learning Skills–But how do we make our classrooms immersive? What will it look like to shift our pedagogy from one based on teaching and specialties to one based on student centered learning– pluralistic, hyper-individual, eclectic, diverse, and emergent? ICT4 Emergence and the International Telecenter movement offers an opportunity to leverage this transformation.
I’d like to suggest a scenario for transforming our classrooms and learning institutions. We can achieve this by creating a learning community that blends the engaging and transformative power of virtual worlds, with immersion in practical hands-on experiential learning for sustainability and prosperity. Participating in a massively multiple on-line virtual world such as Second Life, or creating your own community specific virtual world through the open source community of Open Sim–educators are provided with an evolutionary step unparalleled in media ecology. Using social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter and nings–free, open source platforms–global interaction and collaboration tools are available to every classroom, spurring innovation and emergence.
What I am suggesting is moving into a blended learning methodology that leverages the emergent technological platforms of the immersive internet–virtual worlds, web 2.0 and serious gaming–while addressing the urgent needs facing us as humans and as educators. Estimates are that world wide we will need to build a major university every day for the next 3 decades to accommodate the growing population and learning needs of our young. In that time span much, if not all, of the polar ice will have melted. Virtual worlds offer a 24/7/365 synchronous and asynchronous model of learning without the need for bricks and mortar. As for the bricks and mortar, these energy consumptive, water wasting, and unsustainable facilities offer the ideal laboratory to transform our learning applications into concrete, practical and life giving learning communities.
How then, do we transform our schools? Consider that the community is the curriculum: the whole systems which sustain the local biome– food, water, waste, energy, culture, government, the environment, the economy–are the topics we address, investigate and may redesign for a sustainable future. Apply systems thinking and ecological, synergistic practices to our curriculum. This is the vision of a design science formulated by Buckminster Fuller that sees nurturing our innate creative and design prowess as the answer to solving our dilemmas. By applying these techniques to the systems which sustain life, students are empowered with the tools and opportunities to transform their communities. In the process they develop the 21st Century Literacy’s so essential to their success and offer solutions to our most pressing global challenges.

Paradigm Shift and New Horizons

ZeroG Dancers, some reflections

I treated my avatar to the latest performance by DanCoyote Antoneli and the Zero Gravity Dancers.  It was my first encounter with Hyperformalism and I left the sim feeling enthralled.Immersed in ZeroG DancersFor me there is that occasional experience of transcendence, in life, during a performance–when time seems to stop. During one moment of the Sky Dancers I was so transported, completely immersed in the sound, movement and light. This was a pleasant suprise as I had Zero expectations. Honestly it was my first experience of a performance in Second Life. I wanted to be open to something completely new–and I was not disappointed.The Pods openThis view from above inspired some vertigo as I swirled my camera viewpoint around to capture the action. I am still trying to master this Second Life power of moving our perspective. This, along with the transparencies of the set and costumes, are delightfully disorienting. Where do you watch? So, the placement and design of the ‘house’–where the audience sits–is a very interesting consideration.  The seating glowed with color during the performance, the seats which were occupied changed colors. It is a wonderful audience lighting technique. As I try to remember and reflect upon the experience I cannot specifically recall this effect during the performance from the point of view of the avatar.  I became aware of it as I tried to take some snapshots. (Which poses the fundamental duality of the avatar and the human puppeteer in the experience.)  Nevertheless, at the moments of seamlessness between my avatar and myself, there were many wonderful moments.Zero G Dancers whispering by The sweetly ephemeral and delicate moving textures and scripts moved me more because there was an avatar within.  This is certainly more compelling, complicated and engaging than a scripting organ of some kind.  The excitement of SL is the presence of real people engaged in their immersion, and making the experience even more immersive.  So we contribute to the immersion by being present with each other.I’m sure I missed most of the performance!  Or, better said, I could see it over and over again.  The depth of the textures, animated by the dancers, coupled with the refreshing thematic changes in the music, kept me rapt.  Scenically the transparent ‘ground’ and the shapes looming as the backdrop provided a sense of presence. Scenic environment   The sense of watching and of being watched goes back to the duality of an agentavatar embodying me in some way.  The entire sense of boundaries between public and private has become more fluid in this 3D world.  Intimacies are encountered as unexpectedly as barriers. In one of my attempts to see the performance I zoomed out to see the choreographer watching it all from above.Points of viewI was watching him watch us watch the performance. He may have been orchestrating as well. These multiple simultaneous perspectives deepen the immersion and challenge our typically myopic view point, which we bring from FL. I find it creates an empathy when I encounter someone or something new in SL. It draws my curiosity to look from different advantage points. The variety and orchestration of the performance engaged me laterally.This non-linear experience was visceral in the moment and then lingers as I reflect. I felt I achieved a certain weightlessness during the performance, as the dancers flew around.WeightlessnessIn the end I have to say that it was just a lot of fun. I would have liked to have a program note card so i could refer to it. After the bows:BowsIt felt very much like the conclusion of a performance in RL: DanCoyote joined us, dancers and designers hung around, there were many collaborators present, avatars transported away. i enjoy these moments of familiarity intertwined within the virtual world. I think that is why so many of us reproduce elements of FL in SL–to give us a portal of the familiar into the unknown. I sense that the art forms evolving in SL have only begun to entice us into new worlds of consciousness and experience.My avatar stands to teleport

Media Ecology

Attended the in world lecture by Bob Logan on Media Ecology last night in Second Life. I still don’t have the slightest idea what media ecology is. The idea that mathematical need and writing occured simultaneously–with priests counting cows or whatever in Mesopotamia–is interesting and I have to think about that. I’m looking forward to reading more of his ideas.

Bob Logan Media Ecology Lecture

Thank you Bob Logan and Ken Hubble.

I enjoyed my brief exchange with someone from SLCN.tv. And I’m looking forward to more of this trancsending time and space that SL affords. The opportunity for avatar interaction at a meaningful level is to me, in a nut shell, the beauty of SL. It comes down to choice. That’s where the writer from Good Magazine in the Nov-Dec issue on Hi Tech and Lo Tech “Get a Second Life”, exemplifies a spoon fed mentality more akin to web 1.0 consciousness. (Sorry, I couldn’t find the article w/o subscribing) If you choose to spend your in world time with sexual persuits this defines you during that precious time. The journalist only reveal themselves, but not really anything about the topic. This would be my response to Yankee Group Research Inc’s latest dismissal of the future of SL: mobile technology may be helpful and useful for certain actions–but deep, thoughtful, meaningful ones it isn’t–I can’t see the tiny screens on those things either. Anywhere, anytime works just fine for SL–but not only as eye candy.

Virtual Being

The phenomenon of creating groups in Facebook fascinates me. One aspect of web 2.0, as I struggle to come to terms with it, is the dichotomy of public and private, individual and group and the feature of creating and joining groups. It seems that ‘the web’ has incorporated in an essntial way the tendency that Alexis De Tocqueville noted in his tour of America in 1831, namely the tendency to form associations. Viewed in a slightly more abstract way, you could say that it is desire for indviduals to join in larger sympathetic orders, like to like, groups that one has an affinity for. Perhaps a flocking or herd gene morphing from the cellular memories of our Jurassic past. The rapid creation, quick joining, and even quicker irrelevancy of these groups points to a vital yearning–obviously not limited to Facebook–for meaningful associations. Borrowing from the biological metaphor, an organism evolving itself into greater (larger) orders of complexity and consciousness.
Okay, evolution now “quantumized”—for our species as ‘humanus creativus’, (forgive my pig latin) literally creating ourselves. Contributing to our own evolution through creativity. This concept parallels James Lovelock’s Ages of Gaia
especially in terms of the role of technology, ie., the web.

So getting back to Facebook, the aspect of your public persona on the web, is a volitile topic. My students revel in their digital nativeness, ah naivete. Their pages full of whatever, some not so flattering. Pedagogically I’m learning to swing this energy into the idea of an eportfolio. (we are learning together) They (we) are creating their virtual personas in an increasingly digitalized environment. And this brings me to Second Life.

Well, it took me all morning to get here.(Now I know what Barbara Ganley means about slow blogging!) The region I called “Ontos’ and the Isle–Turtle Island.